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Friday, March 16, 2012

Day Eight: Taking a Breather

     You've managed to survive your first week after the world came to an end (or at least humanity's general dominance over it).  Well done.  Now it's time for a little rest.  You can't waste the entire day, mind you, because you'll still need to ensure your supply levels are good across the board.  But you can afford a bit of rest and relaxation to prepare for the next week.
     Now, Home Depot usually has some trucks available, and in a few cases, some larger box trucks for moving large quantities of things.  Normally, these would be for rent.  However, since you now own the building and everything in it, consider the trucks yours.  Find the keys (probably in a manager's office or near the customer service desk area) and get a truck running.  There are a few options available.  You can forage in more houses for sofas and beds and such to lounge around in, or you can find the nearest furniture store and just get something new. 
     If you're doing exceptionally well with the electricity production we discussed earlier, you may even feel like getting some entertainment hardware from a local electronics store.  Make sure if you do go this route, you don't go nuts with some enormous power-sucking fiend of a television.  Stick with something smaller that uses less power.  Be sure to get a DVD player or something similar and stock up on movies while you're at the electronics store.
     If, however, you'd like to be a bit more cautious with your electrical expenses, try a bookstore.  Pick up as many books as you'd like and bring them back home.  Remember, in this world, everything that isn't protected is fully up for grabs.  So unless someone has taken refuge in a Barnes & Noble for some really strange reason, it's all yours.
     I know that entertainment and relaxation aren't quite what most people expect when they think of being a survivor, but you and whoever you are with need to keep up morale, and the body cannot be running at full speed in every waking moment.  Days like this will keep coming.  Enjoy the rest of the day.  Take a nap.  Take another nap.  Do something fun or different. 
     Because tomorrow, it's back to the grind.

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